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Gx tclml20190301 14830 fq9r3m

Engex Trade Counter Label Merchandiser - Large

Part Code: GX-TCLML
Stock Code: 2264-3155

Features and Benefits

  • Merchandisers contains: GX-DL21, GX-DL21RL, GX-DL41, GX-DL41RL, GX-DHVL1, GX-WIE1, GX-SEC1, GX-DL23, GX-DL43, GX-WIE3, GX-DL22P, GX-42P, GX-DHV1P, GX-WIE1P, GX-PE3, GX-PE3RL, GX-RCD3, GX-MCN31, GX-MCN32, GX-MCN34, GX-PAT1, GX-PAT2, GX-PAT3, GX-PAT4, GX-WIE1RL, GX-MCN32RL, GX-MCN35RL, GX-DLVE41, GX-DLVE43 and GX-SEC2 one of each


Guarantee 1 Year
Pack Qty 1
Pack Quantity 1
Packaging Types Kit
Weight 0.18600kg